In lead generation advertising, landing pages play a significant role in converting visitors into leads. A lead is someone that has given you their contact information and opted-in to whatever offer or service you are promoting.

A lead generation campaign’s success relies heavily on the landing page because it needs to be credible enough for prospects to give out their personal info and opt-in – otherwise they will move onto your competition. Here are five ways you can improve the credibility of your landing page:

1: Use real testimonials from real people with pictures or their organisations details

Customer reviews and testimonials on your landing page demonstrate that you have happy customers who use your service or buy from you regularly. If you have real testimonials from customers and not actors, this will lead to a higher conversion rate as prospects will be more likely to believe these are authentic.

2: Add Helpful FAQs

Providing answers to questions that prospects may already have will lead them to trust you more and convert faster because they feel like their doubts have been addressed.

It’s really important to be helpful, forthright and honest with your clients because it can dramatically increase the amount of leads coming your way. Providing FAQs is a great strategy to generate more traffic on your landing page – which you want for lead generation campaigns as an inflow of leads will make a sell much easier.

3: Show Your Main Features Above the Fold

If you offer features such as free trials, money-back guarantees, or flexible plans, then these features should be shown from the moment someone enters your site. This way visitors know what they’re getting into before completing the contact form and converting. It also reduces friction by increasing visibility

4: Display Trust Seals

Trust seals give a sense of credibility to lead generation landing page visitors and pages with trust seals convert better. There are a number of ways to display trust seals on lead generation landing pages, but experts agree that the most effective way is by using logos and badges from established organisations like TRUSTe or BBB Online with your lead generation advertising campaign’s logo.

This technique implies two things: firstly, your lead-generation ads have been approved as trustworthy; secondly, you’re not in it for the money alone – there must be something more important at stake than just getting people to click through. As such, this method works well if you want visitors feel confident about parting with their personal information when they buy products from you–they know where their data will go and what it’ll be used for (even though you may have already stipulated it in your lead generation landing page’s Privacy Policy).

5: Increase Page Load Speed for Greater Impact

Sometimes people are apprehensive about lead generation landing pages because it takes too long for the content to load. If this happens, then not only will those potential leads leave without converting but also those reading reviews may not want anything to do with your business after reading negative comments from others who experienced lengthy loading.

This is why lead generation landing pages with a fast loading time are more likely to perform better than those who don’t. But, if you’re not sure how long your lead generating landing page takes to load on an average computer, then try using the Google lighthouse page speed application that measures website performance and provide suggestions on how you can improve your landing pages speed.

You need to make sure your website is fast, informative and trustworthy. Ask yourself the following questions when it comes time to design a new site or update an existing one. 1: Do you have testimonials from real people with pictures? 2: Does your main features and benefits appear above-the-fold? 3: Are there trust seals displayed prominently such as VeriSign Secured Seal Certificate? 4: Have you tried using Google PageSpeed Insights Tool in order to optimise load speed times for greater impact?”

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