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Key Responsibilities:

Requirements Gathering
● Collaborate with stakeholders to define the bot’s objectives, functionalities, and user
interaction flow.
● Identify and document technical and business requirements.

● Architect the bot’s conversation flow, including the decision trees, intents, and entities.
● Design a user-friendly and engaging UX/UI for the bot interactions.

● Develop the bot using the Facebook Messenger Platform, including programming of the
conversation logic and integration of necessary APIs.
● Implement natural language processing (NLP) capabilities to interpret user queries and
provide contextually relevant responses.
● Code webhook services to receive and send messages to and from the Messenger

API Integration
● Integrate with Facebook’s Conversion API for tracking and attributing offline leads and
● Implement Meta’s WhatsApp Business API for extending chatbot functionalities to
WhatsApp, ensuring a seamless cross-platform experience.
● Incorporate third-party APIs for additional services like payments, CRM, analytics, etc.

Testing and Deployment
● Perform thorough testing, including unit tests, integration tests, and user acceptance
testing (UAT) to ensure the bot functions as intended across different scenarios.
● Deploy the bot to the production environment and monitor its performance.

Monitoring and Optimization
● Utilize analytics tools to track user interactions, engagement metrics, and bot
● Continuously refine and optimize the bot’s responses, conversation flow, and
functionalities based on user feedback and analytics insights.

Compliance and Security
● Ensure the bot complies with Facebook’s policies, data protection regulations (e.g.,
GDPR), and privacy standards.
● Implement security measures to protect user data and prevent unauthorized access.
style=”font-weight: 400;”>Skills Required:

Skills Required

Technical Skills: Proficiency in programming languages such as JavaScript (Node.js), or
PHP. Proficiency in database languages such as MYSQL or MS SQL.

● Experience with the Messenger Platform, WhatsApp Business API, and Facebook’s API’s.
Familiarity with web development technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) and
frameworks/libraries (such as Laravel).

Analytical Skills: Ability to analyze and interpret data to make data-driven decisions for
bot optimization. Skills in using analytics and monitoring tools to track performance

Project Management and Communication: Strong project management skills to oversee
the development lifecycle. Excellent communication skills for collaborating with team
members, stakeholders, and potentially interacting with bot users for feedback.

Creativity and Problem-Solving: Creative thinking for designing engaging user
experiences and conversation flows. Strong problem-solving skills for addressing
technical challenges and optimizing bot performance.

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