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Mad Hatter Media

Madhattermedia is the follow-on from my career spanning 40 years in media. I have been involved in community papers helping grow the Caxton group from 6 papers to 160papers. I have managed magazine divisions and specialized print media  as well as local radio and TV – Godfrey Lancellas

Bastion and Flowe Data and Leadgener8tor allow’s us to take clients and agencies into the world of tomorrow in a new and simple way, cutting out the Programmatic wastage and incorporating every aspect of online and being able to interface it with TV and Call centres.

Mad Hatter Media
1 Dante Rd
Cape Town South Africa
About JG Bezuidenhout

JG completed his Comprehensive Programming (COMP. PROG.) with CTI (Validated and awarded by the University of Cambridge) in 2006 and has been designing and creating innovative technology solutions since 2007. He Joined Bastion & Flowe fulltime in 2012 and brings his extensive skills to bear on a number of solutions in Bastion & Flowe’s revolutionary sales optimisation Eco-System. In 2017 JG was appointed as COO (Chief Operating Officer) of Bastion & Flowe. "Every morning I wake up excited about the possible innovations I will discover. I simply can't stop myself from creating solutions to problems the world has accepted as a norm."