Responsive Digital Innovation

In 2011 a handful of pioneers with a conviction to use technology to make the world a better place, quickly outgrew their humble beginnings in a garage to what it is today, with offices in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and New York.

Having partnered with some leading international brands like Brambles, Old Mutual and Coronation to build website and apps, it was a natural progression to extend to creative, content and video services.

Today, our committed team, collaborative leadership and our pursuit of excellence are our greatest asset. We’re dedicated to creating software solutions and telling compelling stories that shape the future.

Responsive Digital Innovation
3 Woodlands Road
Cape Town 7925
South Africa
About JG Bezuidenhout

JG Bezuidenhout is a digital marketing aficionado and the COO of Bastion & Flowe, a digital advertising technology company focused on delivering measurable results. "Innovation, is writing the story of tomorrow, by correcting the mistakes made yesterday." I believe in the power of entrepreneurs, particularly in their ability to facilitate and promote Africa's economic growth. Their success however, is severely impeded by their inability to access modern, tech-savvy business tools. My passion is developing innovative digital advertising solutions, asking why and challenging the status quo.