Avoid Facebook Page Deletion

How To Avoid Facebook Page Deletion

Facebook is a powerful platform for businesses to connect with customers. However, if Facebook decides to delete a business’s page, the impact can be devastating. In this article, we will explore the reasons why Facebook might delete a business’s page and what businesses can do to avoid Facebook page deletion.

Facebook can be deactivated for various reasons, including failure to adhere to Facebook’s Community Standards or ineffective page management. If a page is found to be created with the intention of spamming or defrauding users, Facebook will take action.

While Facebook’s AI compliance monitors are generally accurate, there is still a possibility of your page being deactivated or suspended if the AI mistakenly interprets content as inappropriate. For instance, if you post a photo that appears to depict violence or terrorism, Facebook may remove your page.

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Review Facebook’s Community Standards

Staying up to date with the constantly evolving Community Standards of Facebook is crucial. It is imperative to understand the prohibited content and refrain from sharing anything that might be considered a violation. Stay informed and ensure compliance.

Check your content

When creating posts, it’s important to avoid excessive promotion that may come across as spam. Aim for a harmonious balance between promoting your business and providing valuable content that resonates with your audience.

Additionally, pay attention to the tone of your posts. With Facebook cracking down on clickbait, it’s best to steer clear of sensationalist headlines that could mislead readers.

Lastly, before sharing any images or videos, ensure they comply with Facebook’s Community Standards to avoid any violations. Taking these steps will help deliver engaging and authentic content to your audience.

Use Page Insights

Make full use of the powerful capabilities of Page Insights to gain valuable insights into user interactions on your page. Effectively track engagement rates and identify underperforming content, enabling you to enhance your page’s performance.

This also ensures the longevity of your Facebook page, safeguarding it from any potential deletions. The success of your page lies in understanding how people engage with it.

Monitor Your Facebook Page Quality

The Page Quality tab provides insights into potential issues that may affect your page’s performance. It utilises a colour-coded system to indicate the severity of the problem: green signifies no issues, yellow warns of potential deletion (unpublishing), and red indicates that deletion is imminent.

All individuals with a role on your Page have access to the Page Quality tab. To view Page Quality for your Page, follow these steps:

  1. From your Feed, locate and click on the “Pages” option in the left menu (you may need to click on “See More” first).
  2. Navigate to your Page and select “Page Quality” from the left menu.

By utilising the Page Quality tab, you can proactively address any concerns and ensure the optimal performance of your Page.

Use Facebook’s free music libraries.

One of the most common infringements we come across is the use of copyrighted music in videos. Despite our clients having paid for the content, Facebook’s copyright AI often flags and sometimes removes the content until an appeal is lodged. If a page receives too many warning notifications within a short period, it may face restrictions.

As a solution, we recommend utilizing Facebook’s free music libraries for video projects. It is crucial not to include any video footage with copyrighted music or background music without explicit permission from the copyright holder. For instance, videos captured on mobile phones in the office with background music or videos of your staff dancing to popular internet trends often encounter copyright issues due to the music in the background.

Subscribe to a social media oversight service.

To safeguard your valuable online presence and prevent potential deletion of your page, it is highly advisable to consider subscribing to a professional social media oversight service. These dedicated services diligently monitor every aspect of your page, from user interactions to content, using advanced tracking algorithms and artificial intelligence.

By promptly alerting you to any suspicious or malicious activity that may compromise the integrity of your page, this proactive approach enables you to take swift and appropriate action, ensuring the preservation and longevity of your online presence.

With their expertise and round-the-clock surveillance, social media oversight services offer you peace of mind and an additional layer of security, allowing you to focus on building your brand and engaging with your audience confidently.

Post Regularly

To effectively safeguard your Facebook page from deletion, it is vital to maintain a consistent posting schedule. By regularly sharing engaging content, you demonstrate to Facebook that your page is dynamic and intriguing, significantly reducing the chances of it being removed. Aim to post at least once daily, but don’t hesitate to increase the frequency whenever possible, ensuring that your page remains active and thriving.

Be cautious about 3rd party applications.

Integrating third-party applications into your webpage can provide additional features and functionalities. However, exercising caution is crucial as these applications may pose potential issues.

To mitigate risks, it is advisable to strictly install apps from trusted sources and thoroughly review the required permissions before installation. If you come across an application that demands excessive access to your data or device, it may indicate a lack of security. By taking these precautions, you can protect your online presence and safeguard your information from potential threats.


In Conclusion:  Facebook possesses immense marketing potential for businesses. However, it is paramount to exercise caution regarding the rules and regulations to prevent inadvertently posting content that might result in page deletion. By adhering to these valuable tips, you can guarantee the sustained activity and reputable standing of your Facebook page.

In case your Facebook page is at risk of being deleted or has already been deleted, I highly recommend reading my detailed article on What to do next. It provides valuable insights and guidance on how to navigate through this challenging situation and get your page back on track.

If your Facebook page has been restricted or deleted, please get in touch with us for a complimentary Social Media Management consultation. We’ll assess how we can assist in restoring your page.


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