When it comes to social media marketing, Facebook is a powerhouse. It has 2 billion monthly active users and claims that one in seven people on earth use the site at least once per month. With so many people using it, how can brands not take advantage of this opportunity? That’s what we’re here for!

Facebook Marketing Partners are companies that Facebook has vetted for their expertise. They have the experience to help grow your business – from running ads, to selling products, to engaging with your customers.


Bastion & Flowe is a Facebook Preferred Marketing Partner and its estimated that only 10% of agencies around the globe have Facebook Preferred Marketing Partner status.


What is A Facebook Preferred Marketing Partner & Why You Need One?

It is not easy to become a Facebook Marketing Partner. Roughly 20% of all agencies have basic Facebook Partners access, and 10% of these agencies around the globe have been recognised as a Preferred Marketing Partner by Facebook.

Facebook Preferred Marketing Partners have to meet strict qualifications in terms of certifications, ad spend, and performance in order to be considered and to uphold their status.


What Benefits Does A Facebook Preferred Marketing Partnership Offer Your Business?

From managing your ad campaigns, to setting up and running your online shop, to helping you measure the success of your efforts and uncover new insights, a Facebook Business Partner can be that extra set of hands that you need to power your marketing strategy.

When you sign up with a digital advertising agency that boasts Facebook Preferred Marketing Partner status, you can expect to enjoy benefits like global case studies and access to exclusive support when compared to other agencies.

Some of the many reasons why your business could benefit from using a Facebook Preferred Marketing Partner include but not limited to:

  1. Facebook Preferred Marketing Partners are experts in Facebook marketing,
  2. Stay up to date with Facebook and Instagram changes
  3. Exclusive access to new Facebook features
  4. That means you can rely on an experienced agency
  5. Enhanced customer and technical support
  6. Access to tools, resources and one-on-one training
  7. Prioritised issue resolution
  8. Advertiser spend optimisation recommendations
  9. Measurement best practices

This is just one aspect of our commitment to deliver unbeatable service and exemplary results for your budget. If you want to take advantage of our Facebook preferred marketing partner status, contact us today for a free consultation today.

About JG Bezuidenhout

JG Bezuidenhout is a digital marketing aficionado and the COO of Bastion & Flowe, a digital advertising technology company focused on delivering measurable results. "Innovation, is writing the story of tomorrow, by correcting the mistakes made yesterday." I believe in the power of entrepreneurs, particularly in their ability to facilitate and promote Africa's economic growth. Their success however, is severely impeded by their inability to access modern, tech-savvy business tools. My passion is developing innovative digital advertising solutions, asking why and challenging the status quo.

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