Hiring a Google Partner like us will give you many benefits. We’ve been doing this for years and we know what it takes to get your business on the map in no time at all. With our support, you can rest assured that your campaign will be handled by experts who are qualified to do so. We have an in-depth knowledge of Google Ads and how they work, so we can help you make informed decisions about which campaigns to run or not to run, depending on what best suits your needs.

Whether you’re looking for help with a single project or a bigger, long-term partnership, Google Partners have the resources and expertise you need.

What is a Google Partner?

A Google Partner is an advertising agency or third-party that manages a google ads account on behalf of other brands. Bastion & Flowe are recognised and badged as one, so this means we have a great knowledge about the advertiser’s needs to help them get their business on the map in no time at all. By hiring us for your campaign you can rest assured it will be handled by experts who know what they’re doing!


What are the benefits of working with a Google Partner?

Working with a google partner agency is also advantageous because you know that our team have had the approval of Google and will use their knowledge to promote your business effectively.

We are able, (as an example) to set up conversion tracking so we can see what’s working best for your campaign – and more importantly why it’s not working well. This is invaluable information when trying to make improvements or determine changes in strategy.


Some other benefits that Google partners enjoy are:

Support from a team who has been through everything before, so can help guide you towards success On top of this we have access to new tools and offerings that most other agencies will not be able to offer their clients. We are also supported by account managers who will work with our dedicated teams in order to ensure all requests or needs are met! Our team is experienced enough (and too kind) not only know how things should be done but where improvements need making. As such they’ll be there every step of the way – helping you do what it takes for your business’s campaign strategy to succeed.

We love to share our knowledge and expertise with the people we work with, as this is what will make us stand out. We’re not just a Google Partner agency, we’re your trusted marketing partner who wants you to succeed. With years of experience under their belt in all things related to search engine advertising, it would be foolish for any business owner or entrepreneur not to bring them on board when they are embarking on an online campaign.

In addition, if you choose Bastion & Flowe as your company’s Google Ads Agency then you’ll have access to a team that has decades worth of combined industry-specific experience across various industries like retail e-commerce and travel services.

contact us today for a free consultation and learn how we can help your digital marketing.

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JG Bezuidenhout is a digital marketing aficionado and the COO of Bastion & Flowe, a digital advertising technology company focused on delivering measurable results. "Innovation, is writing the story of tomorrow, by correcting the mistakes made yesterday." I believe in the power of entrepreneurs, particularly in their ability to facilitate and promote Africa's economic growth. Their success however, is severely impeded by their inability to access modern, tech-savvy business tools. My passion is developing innovative digital advertising solutions, asking why and challenging the status quo.

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