What to Do When Your Business Page is Removed from Facebook: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Action and Vigilance: Your Guide to Responding to ‘We Have Removed Your Page from Facebook’

The digital terrain is unpredictable, and the alarming ‘We have removed your page from Facebook’ notification can attest to this fact. Whether you’re facing a genuine removal or a scam attempt, immediate, informed action is your best resource. Here’s how to discern and what to do next.

Deciphering the Real from the Fake – Your Page Have Been Removed From Facebook

When the message hits your inbox, the first line of defence is determining its authenticity. The current digital landscape is a hotbed for fraudulent activities, with scammers leveraging fake ‘We have removed your page from Facebook’ alerts to compromise unwary users’ accounts.

Tackling Scam Attempts

Scammers often employ scare tactics to achieve quick compliance. If you receive a suspicious message, do not click any embedded links. Instead, visit Facebook directly through your browser and check your official notifications. If the claim doesn’t reflect there, you’ve likely dodged a scam bullet. Ensure you report the deceptive message to Facebook to help them combat such fraudulent activities.


Bellow is a typical Facebook Scam message, which normally appears in your Facebook page’s Message Inbox or in a public post. The message attempts to deceive you into following the instructions within it, while prompting you to give away confidential information such as passwords  without realizing the potential consequences. As mentioned previously – never click any suspicious links when receiving these scam messages, and always ensure you report them to Facebook immediately.

Facebook page is scheduled for permanent deletion – Scam Message


When Your Page is Legitimately Removed

Finding that your page has genuinely been removed can induce panic. However, strategic steps and calm navigation can lead to resolution and recovery.

Step 1: Analyze the Removal Reason

Facebook’s communication should outline why your page was removed. Understanding this can inform your next steps, whether it’s submitting an appeal for a misunderstanding or taking corrective actions for unintentional violations.

Step 2: Submit an Appeal

If you believe your page was unjustly removed or you’ve rectified the violating issue, submit an appeal. You can do this through the Facebook Help Centre, ensuring you include all necessary information and any supporting documentation to make your case.

Step 3: Enhance Your Page’s Compliance

Review Facebook’s community standards thoroughly. Make necessary changes to your page, ensuring your content and conduct align with Facebook’s guidelines. This proactive step can strengthen your appeal.

Step 4: Seek Community Support

If your page was a community hub or held substantial public interest, consider rallying support. Public petitions or letters of support can bolster your appeal, demonstrating the positive impact or value of your page.

Protecting Your Digital Presence

Activate Two-Factor Authentication

Whether you’re in the midst of recovery or safeguarding against future mishaps, two-factor authentication is vital. This security measure adds an extra layer of protection, keeping unwarranted access at bay.

Regularly Monitor Page Activities

Keep a close eye on your page’s content and user interactions. Regular monitoring helps you quickly identify and address any potentially violating content, warding off future contentions with Facebook’s regulations.

Expert Intervention: Your Strategic Move

Sometimes, the quagmire of recovery requires an expert hand. Navigating Facebook’s bureaucracy and automated systems is not for the faint-hearted.

Why Bastion & Flowe is Your Ally

As a certified Meta partner, Bastion & Flowe understands the intricate workings of Facebook. Our expertise is instrumental in negotiating the reinstatement of your page, should you face the daunting ‘We have removed your page from Facebook’ ordeal.

Proactivity and Precision – Your Way Forward

The ‘We have removed your page from Facebook’ notification is not a final curtain. With meticulous action, strategic support, and by bolstering your page’s security and compliance, restoration is within reach.

Affected by a page removal? Contact Us for a complimentary social media management consultation. Let our seasoned professionals assist you in resurrecting your page and fortifying your digital presence.


If your Facebook page has been restricted or deleted, please get in touch with us for a complimentary Social Media Management consultation. We’ll assess how we can assist in restoring your page.


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