Measuring digital advertising campaigns’ return on investment (ROI) is a persistent challenge for marketers. However, with the right strategies and tools, it is possible to better understand the ROI of digital advertising campaigns and optimise strategies accordingly. Here are some solutions to the struggle of measuring ROI in digital advertising:


Multi-touch attribution:

One of the biggest challenges in measuring ROI is determining which campaigns and channels drive conversions and sales. Multi-touch attribution models can better attribute conversions and sales to specific channels and campaigns, providing a more accurate picture of ROI.

Revenue-based metrics:

Instead of focusing on metrics such as clicks, views, and impressions, marketers should focus on metrics that are directly linked to revenue, such as conversions, sales, and revenue.


Google Analytics and Touchpoint Analytics:

These tools provide a wealth of data on website and app usage, allowing marketers to see which campaigns drive the most conversions and sales as they track and measure the performance of their digital advertising campaigns.


A/B testing:

A/B testing allows marketers to test different ads and landing page versions to determine which performs better.


Custom Conversion:

Custom conversions allow marketers to track specific actions important to their business, such as signing up for a newsletter or adding an item to a shopping cart.


Offline conversion data:

Advanced metrics, such as LTV (lifetime value) and CLV (customer lifetime value), can be accessed through offline conversion data, providing a more comprehensive understanding of the ROI of digital advertising campaigns. This allows marketers to evaluate the long-term value of their customers, giving them a more in-depth perspective on the effectiveness of their advertising strategies.


Use of Machine Learning:

Machine learning algorithms can optimise the performance of digital advertising campaigns. Using data from past campaigns, these algorithms can predict which ads will perform best and optimise the targeting, messaging and placements.

In conclusion, measuring ROI in digital advertising is a complex task, but marketers must understand the impact of their campaigns on the bottom line. By using the strategies and tools outlined above, marketers can better understand the ROI of their digital advertising campaigns and optimise their strategy accordingly.

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JG Bezuidenhout is a founding partner of the South African subsidiary of, the data technology company housed in London, United Kingdom. Although based in Cape Town, JG is the global head of Offernet's advisory and innovation hub and, as such, is responsible for the monitoring and implementation of cutting-edge solutions, particularly within the digital marketing environment. Using advanced technologies such as big data and machine learning, as well as their bespoke Touchpoint Analytics™ system, Offernet can accurately and dramatically improve their clients' returns on advertising spend (ROAS). Their comprehensive approach to marketing, which includes advisory services, data analytics, and media buying, makes Offernet a valuable partner. If you want to take your marketing to the next level to achieve far more measurable results and align yourself with the growth strategies of the entire C-suite (and the company as a whole), Offernet is a logical choice.

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