Case History

Setting the Gold Standard in Digital Advertising

How PPS used the Bastion & Flowe Digital Command Centre to maximise the efficacy of their lead generation campaign, whilst facilitating the direct comparison of the cost per lead from other advertisers.

  • Campaign Objective:

    Generate short term insurance leads specifically targeting graduate professionals.

  • Campaign Goal:


  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI):

    Cost Per Conversion
    (Total budget spent divided by the total number of completed online applications)

  • Audiences:

    Graduate professionals
    Business owners
    Specific industries

  • Channels:

    Google Search
    Google Display Network

The Result


Graph represents the average cost per online applications submitted by two non Lead Gener8or campaigns versus a Lead Gener8or campaign.

Lead Gener8or consistently outperformed the non Lead Gener8or campaigns lowering the average cost per lead monthly over a 3 month period.

By month 3 Lead Gener8or’s average cost per lead was 280% cheaper than the non Lead Gener8or leads.

Campaigns ran concurrently with identical digital assets (advertising creatives and landing page.)



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