Email Adverts Guide

  • Email creatives need to consist of at least 3 parts text for every 1 part image or graphic. (3:1 Text to image ratio)
  • Email creatives must not be wider that 900px.  We recommend that clients use a standard with of 600px.  (This ensures a clean display in most email application preview windows)
  • The entire email, including external images, may not exceed 300kb.  
  • Additional attachments may not be larger that 500kb. 
    • Zip, bin, tar, gz and any other compressed or zip file are not permitted as an attachment. 
    • No executable files are permitted as an attachment.  (eg. .exe, .bit, .js, .swf)
  • Text contained in an image is NOT considered text. (The text must be independent of the graphic component)
  • Flash animations and Java Script is not permitted.  
  • Email creatives must be provided in HTML format. 
  • The domain that the emails appear to be sent from needs to belong to the client. (Emails cannot be sent from a domain that does not exist or belongs to someone else.) 
  • The email must contain a clear Subject Line not longer than 200 Characters. 
  • All email messages must include an Opt-Out option.
  • A standard Header & Footer will automatically be added to email campaigns sent from Lead Gener8or™
  • The Header will consist of a “View in Browser” link and the Footer will contain an “Unsubscribe" and "Report Abuse" link.
  • Email campaigns may not be sent:
    • Before 8am and after 6pm
    • On Sundays
    • On Public holidays
  • All email messages must be checked and approved by Bastion & Flowe prior to being loaded onto the system. 
  • Email Messages may not be sent to someone, listed on the DMA's Do not contact list. 
  • Email Messages will not be sent to blocked, suppressed, blacklisted, unsubscribed  or opted-out leads.
  • Emails will not be sent to leads listed on Bastion & Flowe’s sensitive names list.

Sample Email Message

iPAiG Car Full




Mail Tester

To ensure that your email does not get blocked as SPAM, and has the best possible chance of success, test it's "Spammyness" on