JG Bezuidenhout

JG Bezuidenhout

COO – Chief Operating Officer

JG completed his Comprehensive Programming (COMP. PROG.) with CTI (Validated and awarded by the University of Cambridge) in 2006 and has been designing and creating innovative technology solutions since 2007. He brings his extensive skills to bear on Bastion & Flowe’s revolutionary BITS & InterACT solutions.

Google Certification :  Search, Display, Mobile, Shopping, Video
Facebook :  56+ Certificates

“Innovation is born out of the ability to write the stories of tomorrow by correcting the mistakes of yesterday.”

As a serial entrepreneur I have a great affinity for those individuals who’ve spent hours of blood, sweat and tears trying to take their products or services to market. Each venture I’ve embarked upon has given me its fair share of excitement and trepidation, and each success or failure has left an indelible mark on my psyche. Of all the issues I’ve had to face as an entrepreneur, my inability to access modern, tech-savvy business tools during my early start-up days, was one of the biggest obstacles to success.

I have spent the last six years building a relatively solid reputation as a digital marketing strategist and, in association with my co-owners at Bastion & Flowe, we’ve developed some amazing digital marketing technologies. Although our efforts have been largely aimed at the larger corporate world, we have never forgotten our roots. A direct consequence of this has been to empower entrepreneurs by giving them access to digital strategies and business tools that were once only accessible to large corporates.

If you’re an advertising agency looking for access to the most powerful digital media buying and targeting technology available, you’re our sort of people. Give us a call – not only will you gain access to an experienced digital marketing partner for your business, you’ll also get pointers on how to set up your own in-house digital advertising team, or specific guidance on how to amplify your marketing results, or guidance on how to move your advertising in-house.