Case History

Setting the Gold Standard in Digital Advertising

How Telkom used the Bastion & Flowe Digital Command Centre to reduce their costs in generating qualified leads, ensuring the maximum return on ad-spend.

  • Campaign Objective:

    Generate online mobile phone subscription applications that meet strict credit score card qualification requirements

  • Campaign Goal:


  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI):

    Cost Per Person Conversion 
    (Total budget spent divided by the total number of Qualified leads)

  • Audiences:

    Credit worthy consumers
    Monthly Income: R2 000+
    Age: 23+

  • Channels:

    Google Search
    Google Display Network

The Result

Machine learning propensity modelled audiences using real world consumer data, resulted in a 70% reduction in the cost to generate a qualified lead over 6 iterations.




Graph represents the percentage of leads meeting specific credit score card requirements versus total number of leads submitted by:

Non Lead Gener8or Campaign
Lead Gener8or Campaign

Lead Gener8or consistently outperformed the non Lead Gener8or campaign month-on-month over a 6 month period.

By month 6 Lead Gener8or’s machine learning capabilities out-performed the non Lead Gener8or campaign by over 200%

Campaigns ran concurrently with identical digital assets (advertising creatives and landing page.)

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